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BOBCM Global 2015 Featured Features
‘Everything is Awesome’ was the theme song for the hugely successful film 'The LEGO Movie'. It’s truly amazing that a family-owned ...
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Events News
The BCMA attended our partner, The Economist's Big Rethink 2015 event and entered the age of the “entrepreneurial CMO”— a new gene ...
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Be Inspired
Video compilation of Top 10 Italian Branded Content & Entertainment Examples from OBE's Elena Grinta on BOBCM. ...
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Articles Featured Features
Digital word of mouth can bring down organisations and governments. It can also build brands more efficiently and faster than any ...
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EVERYTHING IS AWESOME 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared each day (Source: AOL & Nielsen) Lego Movie box office takings $ ...

Articles Features
We generally look back to look forward and predict the emerging trends, but the explosion of social media and the rapid developmen ...
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Articles Features
The BCMA’s CEO Andrew Canter discusses measuring branded content success and the content monitor and placement monitor tools devel ...
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