Cristal Festival, 14th – 17th December 2016, Courchevel, France

Cristal Festival, 14th – 17th December 2016, Courchevel, France

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The BCMA is delighted and proud to continue it’s partnership with the Cristal Festival.

The Cristal Festival is an international festival for professionals of the communication, advertising & creative worlds. The objective of the Festival is to promote European advertising creativity and to showcase a variety of work from the creative industries by means of a diverse range of competitions and through the sharing of knowledge.

This year’s theme is ‘Smart Renaissance’. Our lives have been deeply disrupted by the digital heartbeat of the 21st century. Nonetheless in a world where technology seems to be ruling, it is our duty to tame this information society and its raw data. Shall we smartly redefine the role of the consumer-citizen and reinvent his relationship with brands? Why don’t we act like Montaigne or Erasme during the festival: rethinking the era so that data can serve citizens and lead to progress? It’s time to dare digital humanism and avoid the pitfalls of technological determinism…

The Smart Renaissance has now begun!

Join us on the Slopes to find out more.

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